1.1 How to use this course

The lay of the land

In any journey it’s always handy to have an idea of the path ahead and some kind of map. Your Sparkle Detox course provides field markers to help you chart your course. However this course is YOURS, and will unfold uniquely for your life.

How long does this Detox take?

You can progress through Sparkle Detox as quickly or as slowly as you like.

I recommend between 4 - 8 weeks as a good time frame to really incorporate the practices and reap the benefits. You can return time and again too, so long as the course is online.

The road of Sparkle Wellness & Detox may be paved with many things, including bursts of awe, moments of contented love and enthusiastic empowerment to overcome all challenges. There may tears, as with all change, you may need to let some things go.

You are invited to share your journey. We can witness this for you, help out where we can, plus your journey will help pave the way for the next people who come along.

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Sparkle Detox Course Overview

Phase 1: Preparing to Rejuvenate

This phase encourages you to do a quiz to get insight into your 'toxic body burden'. You’ll clarify why you’re doing this course - what you want to achieve. Consider who you are becoming, what values you hold and how you can make life more wonderful. You’ll understand about how your cells and blood revitalise. Plus, you’ll begin your quest towards optimal hydration.

Phase 2: Creating the Conditions

This phase involves you undertaking a kitchen rejuvenation process. You’ll increase the amount of vital and mineral rich foods in your diet. You’ll improve your digestion and freshen your focus on what nourishes you.

Phase 3: Reducing toxins and supporting detoxification

In this phase you will look at what you’re addicted to, and what no longer serves you. You will decide what you want to keep and what you want to let go of, and develop your strategies to release these things from your life. You will simply let them go. You’ll switch to more nourishing foods and true personal care products. You’ll get to know and provide additional support to your organs of detoxification.

Phase 4: Open and Release

In this phase you will open your channels of elimination. You will undertake a period of 'fasting' suited to your life at this moment, and be supported through any detox problems that may pop up. You’ll look at your exercise regimen and adjust it to enhance your lifestyle and vitality. Also you’ll be relaxing and doing less for a while, and taking some time to cleanse and refresh your mental and emotional patterns. This is the most 'intense' phase of your detox.

Phase 5: Your New Normal

Now you re-create your ‘new normal’: how you thrive and be vital in the world. Because you realise the future is now, you select things and create your life to reinforce this best version of yourself. You’ll understand how to minimise the harm caused by everyday ‘normal’ living. You’ll naturally start to see and act in ways that contribute to a more vital world.

What to do now?

#detoxtaskmaster: Schedule it in

There’s rarely a perfect time for a detox.

Inevitably there will be a birthday party, special occasion or unavoidable social-something that will plunge you into the world of alcohol, sugar, processed foods, late nights and ‘temptations’. Or there will be that urgent work deadline that requires an additional 10 hours of your week, or a child who needs your help. Or someone demands your energy. Or something else.

In reality, NOW is the best time to vitalise and cleanse, regardless of your calendar!

Pull out your diary for the next month, and notice the social events. Identify a 3-5 consecutive days when you can undertake some kind of fast and live in a more restful and quite way. This can be a 24-hour to 5 day period anytime after (at least) 10 days of preparing and 'Creating the conditions'.

Prepare for parties, weddings, anything..

What if there are lots of parties going on, and it's just too hard to detox?

Well, if it simply isn’t possible to take any time out, you can incorporate more subtle cleansing practices into your busy schedule. If there are obligatory events, you can adopt some of the contingency strategies and still live in the world in a healthy way.

Plus take a peek at Lecture 5.4 on minimising harm of alcohol and other bits associated with partying

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Share and communicate

Your engagement in the course is warmly welcomed.

We invite you to contribute by sharing stories, recipes, insights throughout your journey as well as challenges, achievements and what you're thinking.

Learning together is always so much more powerful than solo quests.

Where you see #AddYourPiece, please leave a comment if you feel inspired!


Share a previous detox experience you have had. What was it, and what did you learn from it?