Sparkle Well Reset Yourself

Your 5 day Virtual Retreat

We are living through such remarkable times.

Everyone is being impacted differently, but chances are, it’s been a bit of a stressful time for you and those around you.

Reset Yourself is designed to help you manage better. It is a 5 day experience of effective practices, tools and fresh thinking to help you feel strong in body and mind ( immunity too). It is intended to empower you to respond in the best way possible to the events unfolding around you, because you feel rejuvenated, more confident and healthy.

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Sparkle Well Reset Yourself is a virtual retreat providing tools to help most people, most of the time. Select and apply those that resonate with you.

There’s no SINGLE way to “reset”, only your way for you.

Join Naturopath Sally Mathrick and other leading wellness facilitators for this 5-day virtual retreat to refresh your body and mind for the season ahead.

You have access for 14 days, and can return repeatedly during that time.

Your Instructor

Sally Mathrick - Health Educator and Naturopath
Sally Mathrick - Health Educator and Naturopath

Sally Mathrick is a health educator, university lecturer and practicing Naturopath since 2003. She works with both individuals and groups. Sparkle Well Programs are the culmination of her careers work in health care, environmental activism and deep ecology.

Personal Well-being = Planetary Health
Sparkle Well Programs take a systems view; embracing both the whole, individual human (body-mind-emotion) AND the world they live in, to map a simple step by step pathway to authentic well-being.

Sparkle Well Programs are underpinned by three concepts: Interconnectedness. Human Potential. Grace.

The programs weave through notions of deep ecological interconnectedness, our innate human potential to consciously and compassionately interact to co-create the next moment, and the vital harmony that pervades the living world; the vis medicatrix naturae; the naturopathic tenet of the healing power of nature.

Sally has written extensively on cleansing and natural detoxification, runs wellness courses and fasting residential retreats, both nationally and internationally. She earned three university degrees (Arts, Science and Complementary Medicine), contributes to conferences, and is a committed life-long learner.

Thank you for opening your mind to the content of Reset Yourself. We are offering it for free because we believe there are regenerative ways to reshape our systems that are equitable, caring and way more fun, and these are tools that can help orient us towards ways of living together that are more tolerant, and quite frankly, as a more responsible and evolved human race.

We can do this!

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