Afternoon Day 1: Systems Thinking - Interview with Erfan Daliri

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Systems Thinking

What is systems thinking?

How does it relate to health?

How can we use it for improving the health of ourselves, our societies, and our environment?

Erfan Daliri is a social change consultant, runs Systems Thinking Courses and has a Masters Degree in Communication for Social Change. He is also the founding director of NewKind Festival, which is a place to explore how new systems are being implemented across the spectrum of food production, housing, transport, communication, employment etc etc.

Listen to Erfan in conversation about Systems Thinking, and how it relates to health (30 mins)

Erfan is a remarkable human. With a Masters in Communication for Social Change, his capacity to articulate and action projects that encourage, support and realise effective projects is seriously wonderful.

I met Erfan when he first started NewKind, a conference/festival that explores how to create the society and world we all want to live in.

Learn more about Erfan Daliri and the services he offers: