1.0 Overview of your optimal weight process

Welcome to Nourish!

It's DELIGHTFUL that you're here! We value your time and energy, and are confident that you will gain enormous benefit from the information in this course.

You will gain an increasing sense of empowerment over your weight management, and take actions from deeper understanding of your health.


  • Your level of vitality will improve
  • You will live into your optimal weight
  • Your digestion will be enhanced
  • Perhaps most importantly, you'll open your thinking to new concepts and free yourself from limiting ones.

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The theme for Segment one is AIR.

Section One is about allowing deeper breaths, getting some fresh insights into your unique human potential and opening space to be with what is currently emerging.

You will be learning about ways of measuring food. You will learn about calories (an energy measurement) and about the nutrient value of foods. You will also learn about assessments of where you are now (your bio-metrics), and the relative value of these.

In wholistic health, AIR is associated with our mind and quality of thinking.

Right now, start to consider your thoughts around:

  • Your self image; how you define yourself; how you measure up
  • What you want for yourself - your precious life
  • What fixed ideas you might benefit letting go of
  • Be open to sense and co-create your “emerging future self”
  • What you think about foods, the concept of energy and nutrient density of food

Assessment of where we are:

You'll assess where you are today.

You’ll look at assessment methods of your body measurements, and consider of what your “ideal” measurements are and how appropriate and true these ideas are today for you.

After this "weigh in" you won't measure yourselves until the end of the course.

You'll be encouraged to compassionately consider where you are right now; to recognise and take responsibility for your current state, which will lead (ultimately) to your empowerment. Look at what and how you are thinking about yourself. How you are digesting your life at this point in time.

You will come to realise that you are calling the shots, and you get to make new choices every day.

You'll start to get more present and consider what your emerging self might be...

The power of intention:

We’ll look into intention; what it is and what is yours at this point in time. This will shed some light on your core values, what they mean for your life and how you can represent them in your actions.

We’ll consider what tangible outcomes you want to attain over the 8-week Course, and define them as SMART goals.


Nutrient dense vs energy dense

We’ll also begin the process of learning more about food, the nutrition it brings and how it is digested. To begin, we’ll look at which foods are energy-dense and which are nutrient dense, and begin to make better choices for foods that really satisfy our needs.


Giving digestion some space and breathing

Full breathing practices, posture to give the abdomen the space it needs to function well as well as moving into our core.


So that’s the journey for section one.

Let's get going!!


Schedule time for yourself to focus on this course.

You are investing in your wellbeing. Find and schedule in at least 10 minutes every day to focus on this course. It might be the same time each day, just 10 minutes to sit down read, review, plan to take an action step that day.

QUIZ: Here's a 9 question-questionnaire to think about and rate different aspects of your current state of wellbeing.

Sustainable fat loss means slow shifting the balance point of the body’s weight to what is more optimal.
The involves ongoing practice of whole hearted, present, vital living choices to live into your optimal weight level. These practices include exercise, good food choices, excellent hydration and being open to loving connection to yourself and your world.
Delightful. Well worth practicing!

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