1.7 Eating for Planetary Health

Eating for Planetary Health

Our health and our planet's health are deeply interconnected.

Let's choose to eat in ways that support our Planet's health.

In January 2019 The Planetary Health Diet was released. This diet is based on a big study, called the EAT-Lancet Commission, which involved experts in nutrition, environmental science, and policy from around the world.

It's a plan for how 10 Billion humans could live and eat well on a healthy planet in the year 2050.

Right now, we are at a tipping point for human civilization. We need to get onto this now, in order for a healthy future to unfold.

For a window of time we humans have the opportunity to shift away from current actions that lead to:

  • the destruction of forests
  • extinction of thousands of species
  • death of the oceans eco systems
  • and a really unpleasant existence...

We can shift into actions that promote thriving, regeneration and significantly more peace throughout the planet.

GOOD NEWS: We can do this with every meal we eat!!

The Planetary Health Diet provides guide posts to follow that shift us into a regenerative way of living, with every meal.


Here's a blog I wrote that summarises The Planetary Health Diet further. It's also been published on Medium


Here's some of the things you can do during Nourish course - and beyond - to contribute to the future we all want (... well, 99.9% of us)

Use ALL the food you buy:

  • Don't waste food by throwing it in the bin. Compost it, or feed it to your worms. Worm farming is an excellent experience for kids as well
  • Just buy what you need for the week
  • Learn to ferment and pickle

Buy local:

  • Local generally this means seasonal. So less transport. Plus support the farmer who grew it.
  • Avoid all perishable foods that come from overseas. This means refrigerated products like butter, fruits and vegetables. These products are shipped across the planet IN FRIDGES. So much unnecessary energy used, when you can buy a local product!
  • Shop at your local farmers markets, or local fruit and veggie shops instead of supermarkets. Support your local butcher if you eat meat.

Reduce your animal food consumption:

  • Commercial red meat production uses so much energy and is really detrimental to the land. The grain fed to animals use up so much land and energy, that eating red meat are recognised as a key contributor to global warming. Check out Project Drawdown
  • Eating chickens and small (sustainably harvested) fish is a better option than red meats.
  • The Planetary Health diet suggests the equivalent to one steak per month. Chose an animal that got to roam around, eating grasses and live within its herd.
  • Chose organic animal foods, which have generally had less phamaceuticals and other chemicals involved in their production. Agricultural chemicals are found both in the food, but also end up in the soil and the water ways, damaging many other living beings because of that.
  • Eat more seeds and nuts. Delicious. Plus supporting more trees to be tended to.

Gratitude is THE attitude

There is no doubt the gratitude is the KEY attitude to support well being.

For example, consider for a moment all the forces that have come into play to enable you to read these words...

  • The device you're reading from ... that you have it, that someone made it, that there's energy fueling it...
  • That you can read... the education that you've had
  • That you choose to read it... the consciousness that you're evolving
  • That you are free to read it... that we have freedom of expression
  • That your eyes function and your brain has evolved to make sense of the words
  • etc ...

Do the same consideration for the food on your fork. Think about all the effort that it's taken to get that food to you... the chef, the shop keeper, the truck driver, the havesters, the planters, the seed collectors and so on...

Please share some of your reflection below to help others tune in.

Looking at life from the lens of gratitude, we start feeling safer, and happier, and more relaxed. We even start to feel love for our beautiful planet.

That's another #omniwins !!